(Literasi) The Benefits Of Mastering English For Indonesians

(Literasi) The Benefits Of Mastering English For Indonesians

Do you speak English? Or have you ever listened to foreigners speaking English?

Yeah, as we know, English is one of the most popular languages in this earth. According to some sites, English gets the first place for being the main language in many countries and also the second place for being the widely-used language by people in the world. As a result of that, English becomes the global language which is just necessary to learn, without any exception for Indonesians. Nowadays, Indonesia and many other countries in the world are dealing with a process when everything becomes global, called globalization. An impact of this phenomenon brings out a concept of communicating with other people in the same language in order to make the process go on easily. It turned out; English is the one used. In addition, the ability to master English is now urgently required as it has been the key to every aspect of people’s life. We see, more and more Indonesian people are struggling hard to learn this language, because they realize the importance of it. Mastering English can truly give Indonesian some positive impacts in social, education, and career world.

Firstly, mastering English helps us connect with people around the world easily. Like what has been mentioned before, there will be needed a unitary language which can ease the process in this globalization era. If we master English well, we will be able to communicate with foreigners fluently without any difficulty and limitation. Mastering English will also enable us to get the latest news of the outside world quickly. Besides, sharing knowledge and information with other people around the world will also be a great pleasure for us who master English. As a result of having the ability to understand English, we end up making a lot of friends even from the whole part of the world.

Secondly, mastering English helps us get a better education. Are you planning to study overseas in the future? If you are, please make sure that you already have a head start to learn English from now on. You know, one of the requirements must be fulfilled while registering foreign university is the English language skill. Moreover, English mastery has also become a big consideration for the organizers of scholarship program whether they should accept you or not. It’s noted that averagely, 550 is the minimum score of TOEFL for being accepted in scholarship program. Such a big number, isn’t it? In addition to that, mastering English will also give us benefits in understanding lessons well in school. It’s because a good reference of science comes from the books and sites written in English. Another advantage of mastering English can be felt in understanding technology too. We can see the language used in many manuals, guideline books, as well as application programs, is nothing else but English. Without mastering English, we definitely find it difficult to operate technology.

Finally, mastering English eases us in pursuing a promising career. Having a higher position in career with a great amount of salary surely has been what everyone wanted. To work abroad, to be able to get a job in another country is also something that people are always craving for in purpose of having a high welfare rate. Fortunately, we can actually pursue those promising careers by mastering English. We can have a higher chance to work abroad by having the ability to communicate in English with the foreigners, which is scored in interview session. Besides, English is also important for getting promoted in our career position. Supposing we have a foreigner as our boss in the company we’re working, we will be able to communicate with him well if we master English. He doesn’t need to switch the language with the one we use, and a well-built communication with him will allow us to get a higher position in our job. One more important thing, English will also be very beneficial when we have our own company. English will ease us to have corporation with international companies, since they feel comfortable in getting good relation with ones who masterful in English.

In summary, mastering English turns out to be very beneficial for everyone, especially for Indonesians. It gives us advantages to connect with people in this whole world, to have a better quality of education, as well as to raise a higher position in our career life. As this world develops to become more and more sophisticated, mastering English will be either the key or an early step to be a more competitive person in the future.