(Literasi Kelas XI) Monsters equal prizes

(Literasi Kelas XI) Monsters equal prizes

Monsters equal prizes, and prizes equal domination. Attacking the monsters in an efficient way can really bring you a strong advantage when growing within Lords Mobile.

Here’s my guide. Feel free to argue in the comments below. If you dare…


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Tips to Monster Hunting

First thing, first. Join a guild. You can’t hunt monsters without first belonging to a guild.

What are the monsters?

Good question. Across each kingdom, there are randomized tiles with monsters upon them. These monsters remain in the same location and for some reason don’t move… Go figure. Your objective is to kill them.

Use your heroes to take the monsters out. You can only send out one group to monster hunt at any given time.

In addition to making your heroes stronger, here are the additional ways to improve your monster hunt attack power:

  • Use the correct heroes against the correct monster (see guide below)
  • Use the Monster Hunting Gear (Workshop) for P2P players
  • Upgrade the Monster Research (Academy)
  • Attack the monster with one hunt at a time and keep coming back again (instead of maxing out all in one shot)
  • Get your entire guild to all team up on one large monster
  • Watch out for monster hunting thieves from other guilds.

List of Monsters