(LITERASI KELAS X) How to Become A Pilot of Airbus A320, The Story of a Young Bulgarian

(LITERASI KELAS X) How to Become A Pilot of Airbus A320, The Story of a Young Bulgarian

Vasil Dimitrov is a young Bulgarian pilot who started his professional career as early as

19 years. For 5 years Vasil was a co-pilot of the Airbus A320 passenger airplane. He has almost

5000 flying hours, which ranks him among the youngest civil aviatiors in Bulgaria.

In an interview with Vesti.bg, he explains that he always dreamed of flying. When he was 16, he already had a amateur pilot license. "In 2012. one of the largest airlines in Germany organized pilot training and then offered work. A total of 550 candidates fought for 4 vacant positions. I was lucky to be among them and I was the only foreigner, "24-year-old Vasil told Silvia Pribilovska for Vesti.bg.

His first passenger flight is from Vienna to Zurich. "The flight went without any stress. I felt  prepared  and  extremely satisfied,  "says  the  pilot.  Vasil  Dimitrov  has  been  working  in Germany for 4 years, after which he decides to return home and joins the team of the national carrier Bulgaria Air.

"It is nice to work in a Bulgarian airline. Here I go home almost every day.  I'm close to my family and relatives, and this thing can not be bought with money, "he said.

The pilot believes that Bulgaria is still being modernized in some professions and aviation is one of them. That is why it is good for young people to study abroad, work there and then return

and continue to develop professionally in their homeland.


become an instructor to train people from the beginning.

"The most important thing is for a person to like what  he does and will not work for a day of his life, so I feel!", Vasil said. The next goal of the Bulgarian pilot      is      to      become      a commander. In his spare time he also likes to fly, but with small aircraft. His idea is one day to